Organization Members GRES is headed by a Executive Committee Body with women members composed of academics, farmer-leaders, NGO leaders and development advocates who share a common vision of development and a commitment to genuine people empowerment. Sri.P.Ramesh Babu, M.Com., I.C.W.A having sound knowledge in advocacy, skill development training programs, awareness programs, environment programs, human resource management programs , community development ,funds raising, projects designing is the Project Director of the organization.
Smt.Sadasivuni Krishna Kumari, (B.A) who trained in the fields of Rural women development, agricultural sector and environment sector is the Secretary oversees the regular operations of GRES. The organization also maintains a regular pool of experts in the fields of agriculture, genetics, economics, HIV/AIDS awareness, women and children related programs and the environment to provide technical backup to its programs and services Some social recognitions awarded to Smt. Sadasivuni Krishna Kumari Secretary
International Womens Day Programmes 2007
Appreciation letter by the District Youth Welfare Officer , Youth Services Dept, Srikakulam.
Joint Director, Agricilture Dept, Srikakulam
Appreciation letter for remarkable achievement in formation of Women Former Groups and Awareness Programmes on sustainable agriculture in Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh.
Jail Ward Member in the District.
As the Chief Functionary of GRES, the District Magistrate has nominated her as a Jail Ward member Domestic Violence
Appreciation letter by the District Youth Welfare Officer , Youth Services Dept, Srikakulam. for salvation of women domestic problems in successful manner through family counseling centre Best Rehabilitation Programmes for disabled, street ,orphans and adolescent children
Appreciation letter by the Mandal Education Officer Srikakulam for relief & rehabilitation carried out by her. Awareness Generation Programmes
Appreciation letter by the Mandal Revenue Officer Srikakulam for organizing awareness generation programmes to the women in the district in successful manner by her. Best Skill and Vocational Training Programmes
Appreciation letter by the Executive Director, S.C. Corporation Srikakulam for successfully imparted vocational training and Skill development trainings to the Scheduled Caste poor women in the district by her.